Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Seiersdal Farm in Denmark

"Peter Rasmussen (my great- great-grandfather) was born 1828 in Hylke. In 1842, he was confirmed the same place. I have attached excerpts from church records from the year - and it appears that he lived on "Seiersdal" - and so did his parents Rasmus Nielsen and Ane Jacobsdatter. Seiersdal is the name of a little family farm, and is the first time the name appears in the family. In 1905 gets Peder Rasmussen name certificate so the family can use Sejersdal as a family name.

Thanks to old maps from the 1800s – which we have form a local historian - I found the place close to Hylke. Together with my brother in law Helge Jensen we found the place. There is not much left today, but as the picture shows it is still possible to find bricks.

Hylke is a small village situated 24 km from Horsens. Peter moved to Horsens where he met Karen Sorensen - and the rest of the story is well known ....
Jan Sejersdahl Kirkegaard 2013

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